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Black Label Commercial Group has worked with many companies relocating to the United States, particularly the Houston area. It is always interesting to hear the reasons that Houston is their destination of choice.  For a long time, Houston has been closely associated with the oil and gas industry.

As a result, the perception for many is that Houston rises and falls with oil.  While historically that assumption has held true, Houston has become a much more diverse economy over the last 30 years and has developed into an economic engine for the United States.

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There are many reasons companies are looking to relocate to Houston. Here are just a few of them:

Houston Infrastructure Ideal for Business

Houston InfrastructureIn general, Texas is a business-friendly environment.  Texas has a relatively relaxed regulatory environment compared to other U.S. states making it easier to operate a business.  Instead of focusing on conforming to endless red tape companies are able to get to work faster.

Houston Has A Large Employment Base

Houston LaborHouston’s population has grown by 1.1 million in just the last 10 (2010-2020) years.  People have been relocating to Houston from around the country at an impressive rate.  With that population growth comes an increased demand for all goods and services.  As that demand increases industry grows to support it.  Houston also has a low cost of living which allows for industrial users to attract the employees that they need.  Whereas other parts of the country the employment base has been priced out of the market.

Houston Logistics Ideal for Business

Houston LogisticHouston is home to one of the most active ports in the world and is the busiest port in the U.S. as far as overall tonnage.  This allows companies to easily ship and received raw and finished goods around the world.  With Houston’s central U.S. location, it is ideal for companies looking to transport goods and material by truck, air, or rail to locations all over the country.  The industrial sector in Houston is full of logistic companies, manufacturers across all industries, and countless other industries that see Houston as the ideal location for their business.

Houston Has Land for Business Growth & Expansion

Houston Land DevelopmentAvailable space:  The amount of land available in the Houston area along with relatively low regulations and low cost of construction is highly attractive to most companies.  In other parts of the U.S., the amount of land available to construct new warehouse space is very limited. When land is available, the building/zoning regulations make the process far more burdensome than you would find in Houston.  A manufacturing company from overseas can hire a developer located in Houston for a build to suit a proposal that fits their exact needs and be operational in 12 months.  Or, companies can find existing facilities and have build-outs done and occupancy permits ready in less than 6 months.  In business, time and money are the most important factors and in Houston, companies are able to save on both.

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Black Label Commercial, we build, lease, identify properties ideal for your business.  If you need office space, office building, shopping centers, mall, or strip mall locations — we find you the right match for your requirements.  We will work with you to properly understand your specific requirements for relocating to Houston, everything from site traffic, demographics, labor availability, logistics required, warehouse space, industrial space, parking, and more.



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