Commercial Contractor Selection Service

Black Label Commercial Group has assisted many clients with their construction needs and as a result, we have a deep understanding of the construction process and the issues that arise throughout the course of a project. There is no one size fits all when it comes to selecting the best contractor for your project.

There are many factors that can determine our reference of one general contractor over another one, such as:

1. Type of project:

Many contractors specialize in the type of construction they perform and we have relationships with contractors that specialize in the following areas:

a. Industrial

b. Heavy Industrial

c. Retail

d. Office

e. Hospitality

f. Multifamily

2. Size/scope of the project:

While the guy that works out of his truck usually comes in with the most competitive bid he is also the guy that usually gets in over his head and cost clients valuable time and money. It is vital that the contractor selected for the project have a history of successfully completing similar jobs. At Black Label we use our past experiences to help our clients ask the right questions with interviewing contractors as well as giving suggestions of contractors they should meet with.

3. Location of project:

Though a contractor successfully completes a new industrial building in Dallas does not mean the same contractor can go to Houston and perform at the same level. Black Label has seen this problem come up on multiple occasions. Many of the businesses we work with have locations across the state / country / world and want to replicate those facilities in Houston. Therefore, rather than taking the time to meet with qualified local contractors the client brings the contractor that they have worked with in the past. While this can work it is important to know that a contractor is only as good as the sub-contractors they have at their disposal. When doing construction in their normal area of business contractors do not have an issue getting sub-contractors to show up and complete their work on time and on budget but that can be an issue when that sub has to travel across the state to perform a job that they normally only do in their home town. While there are exceptions to every rule this one is rarely the case.

If you are needing assistance with finding the contractor that works best for you please contact Black Label Commercial Group today and we will get you started on the right path.

Commercial Contractor Selection

Our goal is to maximize value for each of our clients by utilizing our expertise to guide them through any situation that may arise during a transaction.